We are a successful company thanks to our employees.

We employ intelligent, independent, creative and flexible people who share common goals and ideas. We keep an open culture at the workplace where everyone lending a helping hand and share their ideas. Unconventional and friendly approach to our partners is the way of interaction between suppliers and buyers.

Who relies on us

„DREVONAEXPORT is the company that solves the needs of its business partners with maximum responsibility. Providing high quality of services is good precondition for long-term cooperation. Solving operational problems has a high level of professionalism and fairness. The level of services provided by DREVONAEXPORT may be considered as great benefit to Fines company. 


Thank you for cooperation.“


FINES a.s.

„Cooperation with DREVONAEXPORT is a longtime guarantee of our satisfaction in terms of responsible approach, consultancy on trends and quality of wooden as well as large-format materials. We also emphasize the active participation in solving delivery problems, as well as efforts to improve service, creating and innovating „express-warehouse“ for „just in time“ delivery. DREVONAEXPORT belongs to the leading suppliers of our company and cooperation with them is highly appreciated. We believe, that by working together we will continue in this trend in the future.


Thank you for cooperation.“

Ing. František KOLLÁR, production director

Miloš BOBOŠÍK, purchase dpt.

DECODOM, spol. s r.o., Topoľčany

„Cooperation between Beny s.r.o. and our supplier DREVONAEXPORT lasts for several years. Major commodities are plywood materials, delivered to our production as semi-finished product. Therefore we can concentrate our activity on the production. Delivery of materials from the eastern markets, we are up to professionals from DREVONAEXPORT.“

Vladimír ČERNÁK

BENY s.r.o.

We are operating in countries:

Poland, Ukraine, Hungary, Austria, Czech Republic, Italy, Belarus, Germany, Belgium, Netherlands, Sweden, Lithuania, Latvia, Denmark, Slovenia, Serbia

USA, Canada, Brazil, China, Japan, Taiwan


Our partners