Utilisation: production of packaging, production of wooden houses, roof decking, covering ceilings, base for floor levelling, covering walls, construction material for sofa production.

OSB boards
OSB 3 – construction chip board for mild humidity environment (interior and exterior)
Utilisation: production of wooden packaging, production of wooden houses, roof decking, walls, base for floor levelling
Thicknesses: 8 – 25 mm
Dimensions: 1250 mm x 2500 mm, 625 mm x 2500 mm

MFP boards
Construction board on the basis of the MFP P5 EN 312 wood
Dimension: 2500 x 1250 mm
Thicknesses: 10,12,15,18, 22, 25 mm
Advantages of the MFP board in comparison to the OSB3 board: higher strength, higher bending strength, higher water resistance, reliable fixing of the connecting material, higher density and smoothness.
The MFP board has got valid attest for: “CE“ Certificate for the construction industry, hygiene attest, EN 335-3 product for the construction industry, construction elements.