A raw chipboard is used mainly in furniture making industry. Easilyprocessed, with stable parameters. It is ideal for decoration and finishing of fronts or other furniture elements. It can be laminated, plastered, post-formed or simply used directly in furniture designs.

furniture production, construction of upholstered furniture, base material for worktops, base material for veneered or foiled fronts, insulating material

Balance Board

Sustainable, ecological material of wood and light biomass pellets based on rapid-growing annually harvested plants.

Classic Board

The classic in furniture and interior finishes: chipboard panels - universal, cost-effective, easy to use.

Premium Board

For specific requirements: top-quality chipboard panels that are moisture resistant, fire retarding and highly load-bearing.

Living Board

The optimum combination of ecology and technology: formaldehyde-free bonded chipboard panels for LEED-compliant healthy wood and interior finishes.